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5 Best Ways To Cover Old Paving Slabs


Many individuals who do not associate themselves with the construction industry might have had the same question I initially did: What are paving slabs? The paving slabs, commonly known as paving stones or pavers, are flat stones cut out from different materials and commonly used in building homes and commercial buildings. 

They are found in square and rectangular shapes and come with different designs according to your liking. Construction companies specializing in paving stone services usually work on them, and they are commonly used in Paving Driveway installation. 

The stones are rugged and durable and can be carved out of different stones or built using concrete poured into the desired shapes. 

The different material used for making paving stones is:

  • Concrete: Concrete is preferable for paving stones as it can be sourced easily. It is convenient to work with and cheaper than some of the other materials while having high durability and longevity. The only downside of using concrete in this regard is the dull aesthetics that come with it.
  • Clay Brick: Clay brick is another popular option that provides versatility to your house’s aesthetics and is equally durable. It possesses a burgundy color with a timeless look. Additionally, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material known for being very durable to withstand heavy traffic.
  • Natural stone: Using natural stone is more costly but works well for the residence’s aesthetics. The natural stone includes options like granite, slate, and sandstone that give the property a hint of luxury.
  • Cobblestone: The cobblestone is a paving stone made from rounded stones commonly used in historic districts and pedestrian areas. It gives an old-world look. Cobblestone is also very durable and can withstand heavy traffic.
  • Permeable pavers: Permeable pavers allow the passage of water through them, reducing the effects of floods. These stones are an ideal choice for areas with high water tables.

The paving stones used in Paving stone services are enormous compared to the tiles or marble commonly used in homes and do not have any significant aesthetic purposes. Their primary purpose is to enhance the surface’s integrity and provide a flat, plain land. 

Areas in which paving stones are commonly used

  • Walkways and Patios
  • Fire Pits
  • Steps
  • Driveways
  • Garden Edging
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Pool Decks

Apart from all the exquisite features of using the different types of paving stones, some downsides occur to them over time. Poor maintenance and the factor of natural causes can lead to the deterioration of the paving stones, making them look discolored. Such factors lead to a decline in the visuals of the paving stones, and you may need to reach out to the nearest Paving services for installation of some new stones.

Additionally, worn-out paving or cracked and broken stones can pose a safety hazard for residents and tiny children. Such broken stones have sharp edges, and falling on them can be fatal. Heaps of bacteria can also be on it and can easily lead to an infection. So you should reach out to the nearest Paving services.

The growth of weeds in the paving stones can reduce the structural integrity of the stones. The weeds are like a virus and can deform the flat land you created using the paving stones. 

The Paving Driveway services are also needed in case the integrity of the paving stone on the driveway gives up, and there are renovation needs. It would help if you learned about the appropriate ways of maintenance from the Paving Driveway services to prevent you from resorting to the Paving Driveway installation again.

However, at times, you can do a quick fix for the paving stones to last a little longer, which will also allow you to retain the aesthetics of your house. Some of how you can do this are:

Outdoor Rugs

If the color of your paving stones becomes dull over time, you can resort to outdoor rugs for a bit of pop and color. The outdoor rungs aid in concealing the rugged and weathered slabs. Its use also gives you a range of ways to customize your residence, as there are endless designs and colors to choose from according to your liking. Additionally, they provide a comfortable surface to take a stroll on.

Wooden Decking:

For a more natural visual, you can opt for the wooden decking. It is also an excellent alternative for paving stone, and the warmth of the woods completely changes the vibe and feel of the surroundings. It creates a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Ground Cover Plants:

If you’re a fan of plants inside your house, this option may be exactly what you want. You can use Creeping thyme, sedum, or moss to create a soft and carpet-like floor that is soft on the feet, and you won’t have to burn your skin when the sun beams downwards. Beyond their visual appeal, these plants are low-maintenance, making them a practical choice for even the busiest homeowners.

Outdoor Tiles:

Use outdoor tiles designed with durability and style in mind to enhance the appearance of your patio. These tiles, which range from natural stone to porcelain, provide a flexible medium for artistic expression. 

Resurfacing with Concrete Overlay:

Use a concrete overlay to give your outdated paver slabs a more contemporary look. This method gives the image of sleek and modern while also masking flaws. For your outdoor surface, you may choose from various treatments, such as acid staining or stamped concrete, to alter its appearance.


A whole remodel is only sometimes necessary to transform your outside area. Revitalize your patio or yard by covering outdated pavement slabs with these inventive ideas. The secret is to combine these concepts to create a unique sanctuary that expresses your style and provides an escape from the everyday. Accept the procedure and see your outdoor haven materialize!


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