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5 Reasons why you need Asphalt and Concrete Driveway Service for your Home


The driveway is a very important aspect of a property that holds a lot of value and plays a very significant function. A driveway is that path that connects the main road of a property to the public road. It is a patch of asphalt and the main function of it is to allow the and to give a path to the vehicles so that they can pull into the properties easily. Moreover the driveway can be of different types. You can design your driveway in multiple ways and get it customized to your likings for which you can reach out to the relevant driveway contractors and the driveway designers. When we speak about the type of driveways, there are the asphalt driveways and the concrete driveways: 

Difference between an Asphalt and Concrete Driveway: 

The asphalt and the concrete are the two most main and common materials that are commonly used in construction of driveways. Their properties of durability and the cost effectiveness make them an ideal option for this purpose. Although the use of asphalt and concrete in driveways in similar but the can differ in the following ways: 

  1. Material: 
  • The asphalt driveways are constructed by using a combinations that involves different mixtures of gravel and binder which is asphalt cement. The end result of this mixture is a dark and flexible thick black substance that is smooth and applied on the road. 
  • The driveways comprising of material on the other hand consist of a mixture of cement, water and additional aggregates such as sand, gravel and crushed stones that are poured and smoothened out before the mixture hardens and it results in a rigid and light grey surface that is ideal for being used as a driveway. 
  1. Duration of Installation: 
  • The asphalt driveway has an upper hand when it comes to the installation period. It does not take long to pour the asphalt on the dedicated area and it usually hardens within a day or two after which it is completely available for use. Working on the asphalt is also comparatively simple as the thick substance is easy to control and crated a smooth surface out of 
  • The concrete take longer than the asphalt to completely cure and become strong enough to bear the weight of moving vehicles. This has to do with the properties of cement which also lead to working with concrete require more attention and it requires more skill to get the best results. 
  1. Level of Durability: 
  • The asphalt has an adaptability feature and is flexible when applied to the roads. This makes it’s very good option in areas where there are extreme climatic conditions as the cold and warm causes materials to expand and contract which often leads to cracks. The asphalt on the other hand is able to survive such conditions. However this does not mean that the asphalt is not subjected to any damage. Cracks still occur that require regular care and maintenance. 
  • The concrete is rigid in nature and are more durable but is brittle and concrete driveways are known to crack more often than asphalt especially in areas that experience extreme climatic fluctuations. Skillful individual with proper installation knowledge can help mitigate this. 
  1. Cost of installation and maintenance: 
  • The asphalt driveways are more affordable when it comes to installation and but require frequent sealing and repairs such as patching and resurfacing. 
  • The concrete driveways are more costly and require a larger upfront payment but the concrete driveways require less frequent maintenance. However when cracks occur, they are more noticeable due to the light grey color and need more extensive repairs.  

Reasons to install Asphalt and Concrete Driveway 

Durability and Longevity: 

The longevity of these materials is a major factor in the decision to use concrete and asphalt driveway services. The durability and weather resistance of both concrete and asphalt are well-known. A driveway made of concrete or asphalt may endure for decades if it is constructed and maintained correctly. In particular, asphalt is renowned for its capacity to flex in response to freeze-thaw cycles, which lessens the possibility of fractures and potholes. Because of its longevity, you won’t need to bother about replacements or repairs all the time. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal: 

An important aspect of the overall appearance of your property is your driveway. The aesthetic attractiveness of your property might be diminished by an outdated, damaged, or worn-out driveway.  Asphalt and concrete driveway services will give your house a new, tidy, and contemporary appearance. Additionally, you may select from a range of colors and finishes to fit the design of your house. 

Improved Functionality: 

A well-kept driveway improves how useful your property is. It offers a smooth surface for traffic, both for automobiles and people, making it simpler to move around and find parking. It’s more convenient to live with a professionally placed asphalt and concrete driveway because of its dependability in preventing problems like mud, uneven surfaces, and trip hazards. 

Elevated property value: 

Getting work done on the exterior of your house can favorably impact you in terms of holding up the value of your property or even having it increased. If you have an attractive and properly maintained asphalt and concrete driveway, then everyone will notice it. You house will stand out among the neighboring properties and people are willing to pay a larger sum for something that catches the eye. Not only this, individuals create a perception about your property and assume that it will be equally as well maintained from the inside as it is from the outside which might not be even the case. 

Expense-effective Upkeep: 

By choosing asphalt and concrete driveway services, you’re guaranteeing long-term, reasonably priced maintenance in addition to your initial investment. Both materials require little upkeep, and any repairs that are necessary are usually simple and reasonably priced. Your driveway may last longer and require fewer expensive repairs if you seal it properly and perform periodic upkeep. 

In conclusion, choosing asphalt and concrete driveway services provided by an experienced asphalt and pavement contractor like those specializing in asphalt driveway paving is a wise decision for any homeowner. The durability, enhanced curb appeal, improved functionality, increased property value, and cost-effective maintenance make these services a valuable addition to your home. If you’re looking to make a lasting improvement to your property, investing in an asphalt and concrete driveway is a choice you won’t regret. 

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